DIA operates under the basic business premise that asset management and financial planning can be provided to clients in a cost effective manner free from conflicts of interest.  

Based on the overwhelming results of extensive academic and market research, DIA subscribes to an investment philosophy which believes active management will not add value to your investment portfolio. In fact, consensus from this research has proven over time very few active managers are able to consistently beat their comparable benchmark. As a consequence, the use of active management results in under performing portfolios, which in turn fail to meet client expectations.

Asset Management

Each individual or family financial situation presents its own unique set of circumstances and potential challenges. For many, there will be a wide range goals and long term expectations to be fulfilled. Diablo Investment Advisors approach to financial planning offers a framework to enable your financial goals and expectations to be met in a realistic manner. By delegating financial matters to a trusted expert, clients are free to pursue lifelong interests and passions while having the peace of mind knowing a professional is monitoring their financial affairs.

Financial Planning

Diablo Investment Advisors utilizes low cost index funds and exchange traded funds to build tax efficient globally diversified portfolios based on a client’s willingness to accept risk. Diablo Investment Advisors does not waste unnecessary time trying to “predict” market movements or speculate on the “next big thing”. Successful investors understand this style of asset management is counterproductive and generates excessive costs. In contrast, Diablo Investment Advisors focuses its efforts on developing professionally managed portfolios which have broad diversification to various asset classes, ensuring clients participate in worldwide capital markets and long term economic growth trends.

Investment Philosophy

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